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Hi, I'm Suzie!

If you're feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out and ready to throw in the towel, know two things: you are not alone; and you can find calm, connection and joy with your kids. 

Using Feed the Parent's Mindful Parenting approach you can transform your family life. And research shows this will raise happier, more resilient kids with higher self esteem. 

I'm Suzie Brown, founder of Feed the Parent. I'm a Parenting Coach and Mindfulness Trainer. I help parents of young children let go of the stresses of parenting and use calm, connection-based strategies to help their kids to listen and co-operate. I'm all about helping you raise your children to be happy, kind and emotionally-resilient! 

Suzie Brown, Founder of Feed the Parent

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Step-By-Step Courses

Would you like a step-by-step guide to calming your kids and getting them to listen?

My online courses will help you overcome the frustration of parenting and give you easy strategies to keep calm and get your kids co-operating! Plus you'll have the support of the Feed the Parent community to help you!


Feed the Parent Testimonial | Cari Twitchell

"Through Suzie’s course, I have learned how to react calmly to my 6-year-old son's outbursts, and he is more receptive to hearing me. We've found ways to better connect, in good and difficult times. Thanks to Suzie, I know my relationship with my son (and myself!) is stronger than ever!"

—Cari Twitchell

Feed the Parent Testimonial | Tina Smith

"Suzie's Mindful Parenting training beautifully blends the art of mindfulness into each interaction we have with our children for a calmer family life. The training allowed me to acknowledge what I had been doing well with my children while uncovering areas I could improve.  Suzie does an excellent job at breaking down a big topic with big emotions into bite-size, achievable pieces carried out in a practical way. Thanks Suzie!"

—Tina Smith

Feed the Parent Testimonial | Lisa Pollard

"I've learnt so much from Suzie that I now have better ways of communicating with my children when they're triggered or upset. This is an ongoing learning for me especially when I feel quite overwhelmed by parenting myself. Thank-you Suzie, I am deeply grateful to you for being so generous with your ongoing offerings and how you give so much to many parents worldwide."

—Lisa Pollard

My Mission

Helping Mothers and Their Children in India: A portion of the sales of all Feed the Parent online courses goes to the Bodhicitta Foundation, which help women and children in the slums of India get healthcare and education. It's a charity I've supported for a long time and I'd love you to join me!