Mindful Parenting is an approach to life with your kids that involves:

  1. Being present and more connected with our children.
  2. Being aware of our own reactions and choosing wiser, calmer, more compassionate responses.
  3. Being calmer and less stressed with our kids and in general.


    We have two main goals in Mindful Parenting:

    1. To help you, the parent, feel calmer, less-stressed and happier; and
    2. To help you parent your kids using calm, connection and compassion so they grow up happier and you all get along better!

    How do we practice it?

    The main skills that you will practice and learn when you learn Mindful Parenting are:

    1. Everyday Mindfulness practices - such as mindful walking, mindful eating and so on to help you be more present and calmer.
    2. Meditation - simple, guided meditations for any length of time that suits you to practice calm awareness and to give you some time out.
    3. Mindful Parenting approaches with your kids to help them keep calm and be more cooperative:
      • Shifting from anger & reactivity to connection and calm.
      • Using empathy to help your kids handle their big emotions - and so teaching them emotional intelligence.
      • Not using punishment to control your kids.
      • Being kind and compassionate which teaches your kids to be the same.

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