Hi there! I’m Suzie Brown, Mindful Parenting Coach and Mother. Thanks for joining me!

I love working with frustrated parents who want to enjoy the ride a bit more - and stop battling with their kids! I help you enjoy being a parent through my mindful parenting strategies - to help you keep calm and connect with your kids so they will listen and do what you ask!

My Mindful Parenting Transformation

After years of of yoga practice and training in Insight Meditation, plus 5 years teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), my meditation and mindfulness practice really came into its own when I had my daughter, Lila, five years ago.

I realised the huge benefits of my mindfulness practice when I was faced with a traumatic birth experience - my newborn nearly died right after childbirth. Add to that the challenge of exhaustion with my baby not letting me sleep at night for months on end and I was overwhelmed and wishing I could have my pre-child life back. I used my mindfulness and meditation experience to get me through - and I realised I could be happy even through the hard times. 

These days I still have the challenges of my very stubborn daughter not co-operating with dressing, eating, going out, sharing, you name it! – and again a mindful, connected approach has proved to be the solution. Instead of my husband and I ‘fighting’ with our daughter to ‘force’ her to comply, we’ve discovered that connecting with her is the only way to get her to co-operate. It’s quite amazing how much happier both parents and child are now that we have stopped battling each other!

My daughter is a huge inspiration to me and I love seeing the positive effects that a calm, connected, conscious style of parenting has on her happiness and our beautiful connection. I’ve been inspired to share this with you! 

I live in Ocean Grove, Australia and teach community and workplace mindfulness workshops in Melbourne and surrounds, including Mindful Parenting workshops. To find out about these check out my mindfulness training business, Avista Mindfulness Training.

Want to know what Mindful Parenting is all about? Check out my great summary of it here. And to learn more about Mindful Parenting you can read my blog, download my free Minimising Meltdowns cheat sheet and take my Parenting With Joy e-course! And don't forget to join me in the Feed the Parent Facebook group!  

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Want to know what Mindful Parenting is all about? Check out my summary of it right here:



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I attended Suzie’s mindful parenting workshops and it really has had a huge impact on the way I parent and how I look after myself as a busy mum. Highly recommended.
— Milly, mother of 3 boys
I participated in Suzie’s mindful parenting workshops and read her Feed the Parent blog. Very helpful, practical and understanding. I recommend getting her cheat sheet too!
— Rosalyn, mother of 2